While there’s no denying that a hot, relaxing bath in a tub is a good way to unwind and rejuvenate, some homeowners find bathtubs impractical or unnecessary features. Among the most common bathroom remodeling projects are tub-to-shower conversions which involve transforming outdated and worn out tubs into more functional showers.

Bathroom conversions are a much faster and less expensive remodeling project than full bathroom renovations, and as an added benefit, can also significantly boost your bathroom’s appearance, functionality, and value. Ambiance Additions provides top-quality bath conversions at reasonable rates and knows how convenient this popular renovation can be for homeowners seeking a more convenient use of space in their bathrooms.

In this article, our team at Ambiance Additions will discuss the top 5 most frequently asked questions about tub-to-shower conversions for those considering this affordable and effective renovation.

1. How Long Does it Take to Complete Tub-to-Shower Conversions?

This type of remodeling project is much faster to complete than traditional bathroom renovations. The duration of the project may vary according to the complexity of the requirements, but at Ambiance Additions, it can be completed in as little as just one day by our team of experienced installers.

2. Will Bath Conversions Negatively Affect Home Values?

While bathtubs were once considered a value-adding feature, changing trends, lifestyles, and needs have led home buyers to put greater importance in the functionality of shower areas. Due to the fast-paced lifestyle of people, showers are now deemed more suitable for a growing number of people.

This means that for many, bathtubs are simply not desirable or necessary features in a home. This means that re-selling your home in the future isn’t likely to be negatively affected by a lack of a bathtub, and can even enhance the value if you’re maximizing space with a shower upgrade.

3. Can I Customize the New Shower Layout?

Absolutely! With a tub-to-shower conversion, you’ll have the freedom to choose the design and type of products that will be installed. At Ambiance Additions, we offer a wide range of materials, accessories, and fixtures from different brands that you can choose from based on your personal preferences and budget.

4. Is it Possible to Convert My Shower into a Bathtub?

Bathroom conversions can work both ways. It can be a tub-to-shower conversion or a shower-to-tub conversion. If you think it is more suitable for your lifestyle, you can also have your shower area converted into a bathtub.

5. Is a Bathtub Conversion Worth the Cost?

Our customers have different reasons for opting for a tub-to-shower conversion. Some want to upgrade their bathroom, others want to free space, while others simply want a change. A bathroom conversion is worth the investment, but it is best to consult with reliable bathroom remodelers so you can have expert advice and help you assess what you really need for your bathroom.

The Best Remodeling Company For Bathroom Conversions

With all the remodeling companies offering bath conversions, it can be difficult to decide which one to hire for your next bathroom remodeling project. If you want to spare yourself from the hassle of browsing through countless of bath companies, check out Ambiance Additions right away.

Since 1988, our company has provided the best in bathroom remodeling services in Orange, LA, Riverside County, and other nearby areas. With our partnership with Luxury Bath and other industry-leading brands, we’re able to provide our customers with durable and stylish bathroom products and materials and customer-first policies like worry-free warranties and guarantees.

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